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    1. The Science of PR: The PRTech Ecosystem

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      Roughly five years ago, AirPR set out on a journey to change the way the PR industry thinks about and measures the impact of PR. Along with my co-founder Raj Sathyamurthi, my founding team members Rebekah Iliff and Patrick Liang, and a growing team of more than thirty engineers, sales people, customer success managers, and marketers, we are enacting the original vision and continuing our mission of “empowering PR leaders” with technology.

      While we rarely share news about ourselves on the AirPR Blog, today we have something quite exciting to share!

      Today we’ve announced our Series B funding led by Storm Ventures, with other notable investments by Salesforce Ventures and Mohr Davidow Ventures. We’re thrilled to finally let the cat out of the bag with the help of TechCrunch Senior Writer Anthony Ha. (Our greatest appreciation to Anthony!)

      In a fun game of “name that milestone”, here’s what we’ve been up to the last few years:

      To date, we have raised $10 million from investors including 500 Startups founding partner Dave McClure, Audrey Capital/WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, Correlation Ventures, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, and Storm Ventures.

      In 2012, we launched Analyst—our PR analytics, insights, and measurement solution—to a select group of brands and PR professionals.

      In 2013, we publicly launched the product and, in two years, built a growing customer base including brands like Qualcomm, Experian, McGraw-Hill Education, Survios, and Kiva.

      In 2014, we coined the term “PRTech” and created an ecosystem of companies that are turning PR into more of a science, and less of an immeasurable art. We believe this PRTech ecosystem is only as impactful as our community is strong.

      In 2015, we launched a Reporting suite to our customers, and gave PR pros hours of their precious time back, shrinking their reporting duties from eight hours to 45 minutes on average.

      As of today, our talented engineers have built a full-scale web crawler from scratch, engineered the first PR attribution model, and built a product that processes over 10 TB of data a day and over 700 million articles. We are also an official partner of Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

      Our PR engineering team (aka customer success) continues its obsession with customer education, ultimately allowing our customers to showcase outcomes that matter to the C-Suite including: increased site traffic, engagement, key trends, competitive analysis, message pull-through, and more.

      As we celebrate this AirPR milestone and this month of giving thanks, we are certainly grateful to you. Without our customers, industry supporters, media partners, and all of our previous and current investors, we wouldn’t be here!

      Cheers to collectively propelling the PR industry forward. We’re excited to have you along for the ride…

    2. PR Controversy: Bees in the Bonnet

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      After the funding announcement on TechCrunch, we had some interesting reactions (to say the least) to our news. Below are our top 5 favorite tweet-threads from the launch. What is it they say? All press is good press?

      Stephanie Smirnov ‏@ssmirnov
      Cue righteous indignation of PR ppl who feel they aren’t broken >
      @cassieboorn:Air PR Nabs $1M to fix PR industry

      Brandee Barker ‏@brandee
      AirPR, 1) ANY advisors IN PR? 2) good PR is a party in NY? to which no
      one I know was invited, 3) sourcing OK, but how is quality vetted?

      Sylvie Tongco ‏@SylvieT
      Hmm PR “platform.” You mean consultants? AirPR Nabs $1M To Help
      Startups Find Better PR http://tcrn.ch/VEHlXg

      Amy Ziari ‏@aziari
      So basically this is a headhunter for startups to find PR firms. Why
      form a “startup” for this vs. consulting

      *Conversation between TechCrunch writer Ryan Lawler and some folks…

      Ryan Lawler ‏@ryanlawler
      @davezatz Mostly agree. But also see lots of worthy startups struggle
      due to shitty PR, w/little understanding of what to do better @sohear