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    1. Storytelling at a Massive Scale

      5.5 to read by Rebekah Iliff
      Published on April 19, 2017

      Telling an early-stage startup story is fairly easy… Co-founders Jane and John Smith raised $20 million for their AI-powered application that does X, Y, and Z. They employ a team of 50, have 1,000 customers, and have earned more than $2 million in revenue to date. You get the point — there’s a template of sorts for […]

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    2. PR Data Insights: Rethinking Narrative Pick-Up

      4 to read by Leta Soza
      Published on April 12, 2017

      One of the most touted PR outcomes I see almost every PR pro report on is narrative pick-up a.k.a how many additional media outlets republish a recent piece of content. While story pick-up can be an incredibly positive PR outcome, I challenge the notion that all story pick-up is created equal. Public relations is about […]

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    3. Customer Spotlight: Kiva’s Powerful Earned Media Strategy

      3.5 to read by Rachel Berk
      Published on April 5, 2017

      As director of customer success for a PRTech company, I work hand in hand with some of today’s most innovative brands to help them overcome today’s PR challenges. Since these challenges are not limited to the AirPR community, we’re kicking off a series highlighting how our customers are leveraging the power of data, analytics, and […]

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    4. How to Be a PR Hero According to a Journalist

      4.5 to read by Rebekah Iliff
      Published on March 29, 2017

      Last week was an interesting PR convergence of sorts for me. I emerged from the boiler room with AirPR’s CEO, our lead investor, and some of the top marketing and PR minds on the planet with what I’m sure will be the next big thing in navigating our story-driven world. (Stay tuned. It’s going to be a fun ride.) […]

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    5. The Funnel Approach to PR Measurement

      3.5 to read by Leta Soza
      Published on March 22, 2017

      For years, the PR industry has struggled with how to effectively measure PR in any sort of standardized manner. Unlike advertising where a few key metrics clearly define success, PR’s complex, relationship-based structure makes identifying metrics for widespread adoption far more challenging. Because “you can’t manage what you can’t measure,” metrics are crucial to PR […]

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    6. 4 Signs Your PR Measurement Practices Could Be Better

      3 to read by Kelly Byrd
      Published on March 15, 2017

      By now you’ve likely begun to implement some updated PR measurement practices to more accurately prove the value of your work. I’m talking data that dives far deeper than impressions and press hits. Hopefully, you are doing your due diligence in analyzing and interpreting PR data that can help you continually refine your communications strategy […]

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    7. 5 Quick Tips and Tools for Today’s PR Professional

      4 to read by Rebekah Iliff
      Published on March 8, 2017

      One of the most exciting things about the current state of the PR industry is the vast amount of tools and solutions that are now available to us. Here are a few class-act tools and clever tips that will give you a noticeable edge in your communications role. From handy email add-ons for media relations to […]

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    8. PRTech Will Make You Love Math

      2 to read by Kelly Byrd
      Published on March 1, 2017

      Public relations is undoubtedly an art, but it’s also a science. Knowing how to collect, analyze, and interpret data allows you to identify key PR metrics rather than rely on subjective determinations of success. While all the PR data that’s now available to us via the PRTech ecosystem may seem daunting to those who are […]

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    9. How to Find the Right MarTech and PRTech Solutions

      3 to read by Rebekah Iliff
      Published on February 22, 2017

      Now that marketers are taking PR more seriously in terms of its ability to generate top-of-funnel leads and drive valuable brand awareness, the MarTech ecosystem has come to include PRTech solutions too. Yay for us! PRTech is no longer a lone wolf. While this new equilibrium is exciting for PR, it’s also a bit daunting […]

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