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    1. Reverse That PR $H#T

      2.5 min to read by Rebekah Iliff
      Published on November 19, 2015

      For decades, PR has been *relegated to a position that oft leaves us “last to know first to blame.” *dismissed, made to feel inferior, downgraded, lower in rank/status But now, ladies and gents, the tides are a’shifting (not sure what accent I’m going for here, but it’s really working for me right now)…ahhh yes, PR […]

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    2. 5 Reasons To Embrace Video Content Now

      4 min to read by Rebekah Iliff
      Published on November 10, 2015

      In the past decade, perhaps the biggest shift in Internet technology has been the rise of video content. From commercially produced material to the explosion of self-directed content via smartphones, video is everywhere. “People spend more time on digital video (one hour 55 minutes) than social media (one hour 44 minutes) per day, and 68 […]

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    3. 3 Keys to the Virtuous PR Cycle

      3 min to read by Leta Soza
      Published on November 4, 2015

      When it comes to PRTech, there are two key components to achieving success in this new world order: Technological investment and human capital. The problems tend to arise when PR loses sight of the human component and only focuses on the shiny, new tools in the PRTech ecosystem. Technological innovation is powerful, but all the […]

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    4. Is Digital Connectivity Killing The Conversation?

      3.5 min to read by Leta Soza
      Published on October 28, 2015

      During Monday’s KQED Forum with Michael Krasny, MIT sociologist and clinical psychologist Sherry Turkle led a discussion that struck a major chord with everyone in the AirPR office. It centered around the assertion that “a lack of face-to-face communication driven by increased smartphone use is diminishing people’s capacity for empathy”. Whoa. Hold the phone. Stop […]

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    5. A Day In The Life Of A PR Engineer

      6 min to read by Leta Soza
      Published on October 26, 2015

      Whether or not the latest role moniker is adopted by an industry often has to do with the value brought by those who pioneer the title. You may have even seen how we wholeheartedly adopted the PR Engineer term back in 2014, but what you may not know is what the heck a PR Engineer […]

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    6. 60 Seconds of Entertainment

      1 min to read by Rebekah Iliff
      Published on October 22, 2015

      Some weeks, you’re simply too busy to put pen to paper (err…fingers to keyboard?) for any extended period of time. This is one of those weeks. So instead of waxing poetic about the state of PR measurement or touting tools you absolutely need RIGHT NOW, we’re merely going to provide you a list of gifs, memes, […]

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    7. PART 1: Big Data 101 for PR

      7 min to read by Frank Jing
      Published on October 13, 2015

      I’m not sure when it began, but it seems that “Big Data” is becoming THE catch phrase in every business meeting. The emphasis of each Big Data conversation may be different: it may be making sure no data is lost, or the privacy and security concerns of using the cloud, or the automation of analytical […]

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    8. 5 Tenets of PRTech + 2015 PRTech Awards Recap

      5 min to read by Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer
      Published on October 6, 2015

      Last week in New York, #TeamAirPR hosted the 2015 PRTech Awards to honor the leading minds in PR, Marketing, Technology and Media. Needless to say, the brainpower gathered in one room was staggering. (You can peruse a few snaps of the mind meld here.) Everyone in attendance was there to acknowledge that our industry is at […]

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    9. PR & Customer Success: 2 Sides Of The Same Coin

      5 min to read by Rachel Kirschen
      Published on September 28, 2015

      In PR, we like to draw comparisons. It helps emphasize a point, enhance a story or create a connection between two seemingly unrelated things. Along those lines, I thought it would be interesting to make a comparison between PR and one of the fastest growing roles sweeping the SaaS industry: Customer Success. Whaaaat you may […]

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